The Evolution of Teevolution Designs

I have been dabbling in graphic design for both fun and work for many years. With the emergence of internet based print-on-demand websites around 1999 – my designs printed on t-shirts were made available to the world. Over the years I have found that many of my most popular designs are those based on the “Evolution of _____” (fill in the blank). A spark of an idea to bring all of those evolution designs on tees together in one place resulted in Teevolution Designs.

For the most part, Teevolution Designs creations are parodies of The Evolution of Man theme, and they are conceptually based on the scientific illustration commonly known as the “March of Progress” – which was created by Rudolph Zallinger, for the Time-Life Book: “Early Man” (1965). This well known, iconic illustration, and its many variants, has been the subject of countless artistic parodies and satirical commentaries.

Teevolution Designs is just one of many T-shirt designers offering evolution parody creations. But, Teevolution Designs strives to create designs that are usually, sometimes subtly, more interesting than just tacking on the final outcome at the end of line. While not revolutionary, Teevolution Designs are certainly Evolutionary (and fun).

New designs are created and added regularly. If you have an idea for an evolution design you would like to see added, please send an email to let me know.